"Our newly anticipated game has finally been unveiled by us - A brand new Sandbox game is being developed as you speak, and is set forth to show how games are meant to be played! Featuring high octane races, with hundreds of unique cars to choose from, dynamic weather systems, realistic refurbished guns and a whole entire world filled with many dazzling city hotspots, skylines, mountain peaks, beaches and more!"[1]

―Innovation Studios

Edge of Horizons

Edge of Horizons (also known as EOH or Edge of Horizons 1) Is a upcoming video game developed by Innovation Studios. Currently, no information is available whether it will be available on consoles or on other platforms. As of 25/10/2015 It is the first instalment of the series. [2][3]

Edge of Horizons was announced on 25/10/2015 by the developers according to there website.[4]

Edge of Horizons is set in the world of Terre and its surrounding regions. (Including several states, cities and towns).[5]


According to the video game's main website, the game focuses on a main protagonist called Kasey Smart. Kasey, wakes up one morning as her whole house is set alight from mysterious masked men. Kasey, must now build her life back together and find who did this. Kasey will progress through organised crime and the criminal underworlds to be revengeful and find the hidden truth that lies...[6]

"The game focuses on the main protagonist called Kasey Smart the story, unfolds...

"This is the story about my fucking shitty life, you want to hear it don't you? The whole story of my life started back when I was in Vienna City. I was somewhat happy and glad about life. But then, the most unexpected and most unpredictable thing happened..."

"I felt like I wanted to drive a forklift up the guy's ass. Well, what happened? Well, here it is: I woke up one fucking miserable morning sleep deprived and looked and saw the whole entire house was engulfed with flames. I had to get the fuck out to survive and find out who the hell did this... That is what my life became, a revengeful mission."

“How would you feel if your love ones were burned alive in front of you as you made your narrow escape to find the person that put forth the tragedy among you? The long-hardened journey of turmoil when you’re right on the down-low with nothing, and start to progress through organised crime and criminal underworlds to be revengeful for once. As justice brings forward, to find out the hidden truth that lies...”

―Innovation Studios providing information to the plot.[7]

As of the 2nd of June 2016 no other information is available of the Plot at this moment of time.


There are a large amount of drivable Vehicles that exist within Edge of Horizons. Find more about Vehicles here.


There a a large amount of usable Weapons that exist within Edge of Horizons. Find more about Weapons here.

Edge of Horizons/Title Update Notes

Edge of Horizons is currently in Closed Alpha and are releasing updates to the game via there official website.

Detailed Title Update Notes can be found here.



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